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Hegemonic Development Update

posted Feb 24, 2011, 11:14 AM by Oliver Kiley
Hegemonic is a new game being designed and developed by Synergy Studios.  Alex Skinner is providing some wonderful graphic flare and space artwork to the game.  Here's a brief description:

Explore. Build. Fight. Plot.

Hegemonic is a game of galactic exploration, conquest, and intrigue for 2-6 players in under 2 hours. Players assume the role of different leaders in a futuristic society expanding their reach across the dark void of intergalactic space to stake their claim in a new galaxy.

Will you exercise your power through industrial monopoly or solidify your empire by military force? Or will you win the hearts and minds of the galaxy using political means? How you establish control in the new galaxy will require careful planning and a well-timed execution as other players will strive to undermine you at every step in the race to achieve hegemony.


Hegemonic is being developed firstly as a Vassal module, which will allow you to playtest the game over the internet.  We'll keep you informed of updates!