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a shapechanging game
of wit and will

Game Description

In Shifters, each player is a mystical shape changer competing against the other players in a series of trials to be named the next master shape-shifter. Trials entail a battle of wits that will require bluffing, deduction, and careful timing to win. Players earn trial tokens by having animal "morph" cards in play with attributes that best match the requirements of the current trial. Players will also cast a variety of spell and obstacle cards to hinder their competitors or propel themselves to victory. But be careful! Cards are selected in a hidden fashion with all players revealing their moves simultaneously. When shape-shifting is involved, you will need to be cunning to stay ahead. When all the trials are completed, the player with the most trial tokens wins!

Game Components

52 Morph Cards
24 Trial Cards
43 Spell Cards
12 Obstacle Cards
9 Intervention Cards
1 Leader Card
3 Reference Cards
100 Red Tokens
70 Blue Tokens
30 Yellow Tokens

Development Status

Shifters is currently under-development and is in the final stages of testing.   If you are interested proofing or testing the game before release, please let us know!