About Synergy Studios

Synergy Studios was founded in 2010 by Oliver Kiley, a life-long game enthusiast and designer.

Synergy Studios
is the home for Oliver's boardgame design, development, and production projects.  Synergy Studios seeks to create unique and engaging games across a range of game types and genres with compelling themes that provide an outstanding blend of strategy, tactics, player interaction, depth, and fun.

As a small development house, our aim is to create, refine, and develop a range of games that will be made available through a combination of Print-and-Play (PnP), On-Demand Printing, and traditional publishing approaches.

About Oliver Kiley

Oliver Kiley
I have this habitat of being unable to play a game and not want to discuss how the game might be "improved". It has always been that way for me. And I’ve always enjoyed doing it. In addition to writing new or alternate rules for miniature or board games, I’ve also been a PC game modder and level designer, with Fallout 3 Wanderers Edition being my claim to fame - currently one of the top ranked Fallout 3 mods.

I established Synergy Studios game design outfit. I love thinking through themes and mechanics (and how they work together). I have designs for half a dozen board games on the burner, each in various stages of design, prototyping, testing, or development.
I’m married to a wonderful woman and have daughter that was born in 2011. We also have two incredibly large cats that give us no end of amusement mixed with misery.